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Digital Archiving

Businesses today do almost everything digitally. If you are still relying on paper documents; it’s the right time to make the switch.

With digital capturing, documents can be accessed and shared from a single user to multiple users, with a decentralized approach, while maintaining high security and confidentiality to finally satisfy customers with the easiest & more convenient way of archiving.

It saves your time, office space and makes it easy to access your records in few mouse clicks.


  • Accepting Documents from Customer in organized Batches
  • Pre-Scanning Documents preparation process
  • Scanning of Documents & Capturing Images in TIFF/PDF Format or any suitable file specifications, finalized with Client
  • Check & Verification of document image Quality individually
  • Indexing of the scanned images
  • Precision Verifications of Data entry work and correction if required
  • Upload to either in-house Server using customer DMS or any agreed Repository